Broadband Accelerators (BBAs)

Broadband Accelerators (BBAs)

The Actelis Networks® family of Broadband Accelerators (BBAs) provides the only fully standards-based solution to deliver high bandwidth ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ Service

POTS service can be delivered. Actelis BBAs increase the reach of ADSL services by more than 50%, including boosting rates by as much as 100% on typical loops and more than 400% on longer loops. Actelis’ BBAs allow cost-effective delivery of broadband services to virtually every location throughout a carrier’s footprint, extending the reach of DSL services to unserved customers or increasing bandwidth to underserved customers.

Line-powered from the existing POTS current, the BBA consumes extremely low power, eliminating the need for rectifiers, batteries, or any additional Central Office (CO) equipment. Actelis’ BBAs are supported from standard POTS via CO switches, remote switches, or remote Digital Loop Carriers (DLCs) and Broadband Loop Carriers (BLCs).

The BBAs offer a highly reliable service and even passes through POTS and power even during a unit failure. Where POTS power is not available, an external powered version (referred to as the express powered version) is available.

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