Security Inspection


Top Tech Solution supports its clients in their technical and organizational audits with regard to their internal standards and state of the art.

Top Tech Solution offers a range of audits tailored to the maturity level of the area studied:

• State general places of safety and rapid global security strategy and its operational implementation evaluation.

• Audit of technical systems: measurement of the difference between the state of the art infrastructure configuration, application or system with state of the art to validate an implementation.

• Audit software development and mobile application inspection applications in retail, security code setting.

• Audit of safety management: a study focused on security management in a pragmatic approach. This is based on the ISO / IEC 27000 series, since the ‘risk management’ to ‘regulatory compliance’.

Our approach takes into account:

• The repository of customer-specific security.

• Best practices in security technology systems.

• The ISO / IEC 27001 and ISO / IEC 27002 standards as proposed and adapted to the client to keep the pragmatism to his need context.

• The safety standards applicable to the context (PCI, OWASP).

• Strengthening and capitalization tools for gathering information that optimize the technical phases and focus on the analysis of results.

In an internal reinforcement approach, the in-depth analysis involved the advancement of safety and a better understanding of the issues by the various stakeholders.